Breast Lift Surgery

If you’re considering breast lift surgery you can find out all you need to know about the procedure on this page. Here at Health life and beauty all our breast lift procedures are performed by experienced and trustworthy surgeons in local hospitals that are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission for the very best clinical outcomes.

What is breast lift surgery?

Breast lift (mastoplexy) is a cosmetic operation to remove excess skin from your breasts to improve their shape. The procedure is very similar to breast reduction surgery. However, in a breast lift procedure your breasts are reshaped by tightening the skin, without removing any breast tissue. This means your breasts will remain the same size, but be reshaped so they look firmer and perter. If you would like extra volume or a larger breast, then a breast lift and breast augmentation using a breast implant can be combined to create your desired look.

What does a breast lift do?

  • Firmer and higher breasts that look more voluminous.
  • Restore youthful nipple position.
  • Improved and more attractive appearance in a wider range of clothing options including swimsuits and strappy and fitted tops.
  • Able to wear clothing without the need for a bra to support the breast.
  • Looking good with pert breasts often makes a woman feel better about herself and more feminine and, can increases self-confidence.
  • Can achieve symmetry of the breasts.
  • Relieve contact of the breast skin on the chest.

Am I suitable for a breast lift?

Living with breasts that are sagging and no longer firm and pert can affect a woman’s self-esteem and make her feel self-conscious both in and out of her clothes. If your breasts are having a negative impact on your physical appearance and/or your self-confidence, then a boob lift may be appropriate for you.

You are suitable for breast uplift surgery if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Sagging and pendulous breasts
  • Flatter and more empty looking breasts
  • Nipples that point downwards
  • You’ve achieved substantial weight loss and your breasts are deflated with a lot of loose skin

Whilst there is no age limit, the best candidates for a breast uplift procedure are in good health and emotionally-stable. If you’re planning to have children in the future or to lose considerable weight, then it might be best to postpone breast uplift surgery until after these events.

At your initial consultation your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with you your options and, realistic goals and expectations of a breast lift procedure. The final decision will be made between you and your cosmetic consultant.

What happens during breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes about an hour and a half.

Your surgeon will make a cut on the line of the areola (the dark area around the nipple) and a vertical cut underneath your areola. They will remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue. Your surgeon will lift your nipple so it is in a higher position.

You may have decided with your cosmetic surgeon to have a breast reduction or breast augmentation whilst having a breast lift to achieve the breast look you desire. Your procedure may take up to two and a half hours if you combine these surgeries. Your surgeon may reduce the size of the areola area around your nipple to suit your new breast size or insert breast implants.

As with any other surgery, there is a risk of complications occurring and your consultant will fully explain these to you before you decide to go ahead with surgery. Complications specific to a mastopexy include: infection, developing a swelling or lump in your breast, loss of skin including the areola and nipple, change of breast and nipple sensation and, reduced ability to breastfeed.

Recovering from a breast lift surgery?

Your breasts will look discoloured and feel very firm and swollen immediately after breast uplift surgery. You should be able to go home the same day.

Most women return to normal activities within two to three weeks. You should be able to return to work after the second week, depending on your type of job and, also do a limited amount of activity, such as lifting young children, after about two weeks.

Regular exercise should help you to return to normal activities as soon as possible. Before you start exercising, you should ask a member of the healthcare team or your GP for advice.

The results of a breast uplift improve gradually over the first six months. Your breasts should become softer and more natural.

Breast lift before and after

It’s important for you to have realistic expectations regarding your breast lift surgery. By looking at before and after photos of past patients who have had a breast lift you can see the results that can be achieved by this type of procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon can show you before and after photos.

During breast lift surgery your cosmetic surgeon can lift, transform and reshape sagging breasts to give a more pert, firmer and fuller breast appearance.

All patients will experience different results as they have individual reasons for breast uplift surgery and surgery will be tailored to achieve theses specific goals.

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