SRS Dexpanthenol (20x5ml)


Buy SRS Dexpanthenol, a regenerating solution that acts as a moisturizer by significantly increasing the moisture content of the stratum corneum and reducing transdermal fluid loss. The skin thus regains its natural elasticity and softness. Moreover, SRS accelerates the production of fibroblasts and the scarring of wounds. SRS Dexpanthenol Solution accelerates cellular repair, rebuilds destroyed tissue structures and supports normal keratinization of the skin and hair.


SRS Dexpanthenol is characterized by a deep moisturizing effect, thanks to which it is possible to noticeably moisturize the stratum corneum, reduce the loss of water through the skin and increase its elasticity and smoothness. The skin-soothing effect of dexpanthenol has been proven by numerous studies worldwide.

Panthenol is an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of epithelial tissue. It enables the rebuilding of damaged tissue and proper keratosis of the skin and hair. Lack of this component in the body or its insufficient amount may lead to excessive hair loss and fading.

APPLICATION of SRS Dexpanthenol

Advanced Component Line, a biologically sterilized solution that can be applied to a specific area with an Expert Meso Roller or by electroporation. Single-use: 1 ampoule = 1 session


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