myDermapen Microneedling Kit


Buy myDermapen Microneedling Kit the microneedling essentials to get started rewriting your skin at home. Suitable as Protocol Pre/Post Home Care for Rejuvenation Treatments such as Dermapen™ Fractional Micro-Needling Treatments, Laser, Micro-Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels, to support and strengthen the skin, and to enhance results. Dermapen 4 for sale is the breakthrough of the decade utilizing the most advanced needle cartridge innovation to vertically pierce the skin.


myDermapen Microneedling Kit treat signs of aging, sun damage, and acne, and pimple prone skin – at home. Maximize your results with our Starter Kit, which contains the essentials you need to reveal your best skin ever.


  • Repair fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and firming skin
    Smooth and refine uneven skin tone such as pigmentation, dark undereye circles and age spots
  • Heal acne and breakouts
  • Minimise pores
    Reduce redness


Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE 30ml: 3 weights of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep in the skin, plump, and restore hydration
Dp Dermaceuticals VITAMIN RICH REPAIR 30ml: Intensive repair, to visibly strengthen skin and boost hydration
Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE 3D SCULPTURED MASK: Hydrate, repair, and soothe anytime, anywhere with a 3D scultured face mask
Consistently positive results have led to over 3 million Dermapen treatments in clinics globally, and now the latest microneedling technology is available at home with myDermapen.

With little to no discomfort, treat yourself with myDermapen Microneedling Kit and discover how easy it is to rewrite your skin, revealing noticeably clearer, plump, smooth skin.

This isn’t like traditional home rollers – we developed the revolutionary Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVN™) technology for our microneedling devices. Instead of rolling across the skin, our needles enter vertically to create flawless microinjuries, causing less damage and pain, and vastly reducing downtime.

The automated vibrating function allows up to 1300 micro-channels per second to be created in the skin. These channels carry up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing the delivery of your serums and creams to feed cells deep within the skin. Increased absorption accelerates collagen stimulation, cell repair and intensifies results. Use specifically-designed Dp Dermaceuticals to feed your skin exactly what it needs at this time, and daily to maximise and maintain your results.

MyDermapen’s unique design enables safe and effective treatment for hard-to-reach areas around the eyes, nose and lips. The adjustable speed and depth can be tailored to suit individual concerns, while the disposable Microderm Needle Cartridge eliminate any risk of cross contamination.


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